Soula Notos

soula nieuwName: Soula Notos (GRE)
Region: Benelux
Languages: English, Dutch, Greek

Born and raised in Holland in a Greek family. Crisis indeed! She knows it by heart. Growing up with shouting and gesturing relatives (small bodies, lots of movement), the only relief was comedy. And now, close to her well deserved pension (what do you mean early??), she loves to tell stories filled with self-mockery to as many people as possible, either in English, Dutch or Greek.
As a comedian she has performed at the Free Fringe in Edinburgh, in Manchester, for expats in Luxembourg, at the International Women’s Festival in Greece, at the Comedyfestival in Gent (Belgium), and on many other occasions and in different comedy clubs in the Netherlands and Belgium. She made her national television debut in 2011 with her comedy minute in the Dutch talkshow De Halve Maan (NTR). She is a member of the Comedyhuis (a collective of comedians from Utrecht) ( and she is the co-founder of Comedy Kitchen (female comedy nights and promotion of female comedy talent) ( Besides being a comedian, she works as an actress and a host. She is based in the centre of Holland: Utrecht.

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