Rayen Panday

Name: Rayen Panday (IND/NL)
Region: Benelux
Languages: English, Dutch

Rayen Panday, born and raised in Holland is fresh off his one-man show. It had always been a secret wish to do comedy, when he did his first open mic in 2008. He was approached there to audition for the Student Cabaret Festival, where he won the personality award in the finals of that same year. After that he began performing more often and started performing in different TV shows as well as writing for a talk show and a comedy show in Holland. In 2011 he started doing theatre, resulting in his first one man show, performing all across Holland. Since then he also has performed more and more in English abroad. He has performed in Denmark, Estonia, Surinam, France, Belgium and Curacao. An incredible singer as well, he has the entire package.

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