Joe Eagan

Name: Joe Eagan (CAN)
Region: Scandinavia, Benelux, Germany, UK
Languages: English, Swedishme-newpic1

Joe Eagan (CAN) ended up in Europe firstly as an exchange student for one year in 1997 where he could choose to study in Wales or Sweden – the choice was difficult. After returning to Sweden in 2000, he has settled in Sweden’s 3rd largest city, Malmö, just 30 minutes across the bridge from Copenhagen. He currently runs the English Comedy Club in Copenhagen. Joe’s specialty is corporate shows for companies. He has a show with music and pictures and stand-up, all rolled into one and it’s called sit-down comedy. Yet be careful if you hire him, Joe does his research and who knows what pictures of your colleagues he has found and will use in the show for your company 🙂 A great show that is very popular for christmas parties, conferences, kick-offs and other events. Joe is also a regular host at expat and uni shows across Europe and is one of founders. Joe can perform in both English and Swedish.

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