David Duff

Dave guitar (1)

Name: David Duff (IRE)
Region: Scandinavia
Language: English

David Duff is from Cork, Ireland, and he has been plying his particular brand of comedy around the globe for over 10 years. His songs are sublimely crafted, packed with layers of jokes and inimitable wordplays. His brand of unique comedy is guaranteed to be remembered, and his catchy tunes will hum upon your lips for weeks after you see him. He never fails to impress and leave a smile, and the cheeks of those who have the pleasure to see him often ache from laughter. His curly hair, cheeky smile and warm personality combined with his songs and jokes make for a relaxed audience and an unforgettable night.

David is currently based in Malmö, Sweden, and he is quickly becoming a fan favourite amongst the Scandinavians. He is one to watch for the future, and if you have the opportunity, then his act is definitely one you should not miss.

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