Claus Reiss

Name: Claus Reiss (DK) Region: Scandinavia Languages English, Danish Claus Reiss is the only comedian in Europe who entertains with the bagpipe. Being a professionel bagpipe player he uses a lot of self-irony in his jokes and music pieces. Each … Continue reading

David Duff

Name: David Duff (IRE) Region: Scandinavia Language: English David Duff is from Cork, Ireland, and he has been plying his particular brand of comedy around the globe for over 10 years. His songs are sublimely crafted, packed with layers of … Continue reading

Isak Jansson

Name: Isak Jansson (SWE) Region: Scandinavia Languages: English, Swedish Isak Jansson is a standup comedian currently living in Stockholm, Sweden. Besides performing he works freelance as a tv-writer, workshop leader and producer. Though mostly performing in Swedish, he has also … Continue reading

Brian Jordan

Name: Brian Jordan (USA) Region: Scandinavia Languages: English Brian is currently, and for the near future, based in Malmö, which lies in southern Sweden. Although he lives in Sweden with his two children, he is from the United States of … Continue reading