Bob Maclaren

Name: Bob Maclaren (NZ)bob
Region: Benelux
Languages: English, Dutch

Born in New Zealand and resident in Amsterdam, Bob Maclaren has delighted every corner of the world with his laconic and surprising comedy. A combination of kiwi isolation and the lurid madness of Amsterdam gives Bob a refreshingly unusual view of life as he sees it. A storyteller extraordinaire with a body language that can be best described as mildly unhinged; his routines have been televised on every continent.

A superbly visual performer with razor sharp observations, Bob’s stand up helped him escape his home town southernmost city in the world to grace the stages of Montreal, London, Amsterdam and every other corner of the planet.

His comic talents quickly got picked up by the Discovery channel, who gave him his own global show “Bob’s World”. TV New Zealand followed suit with the comedy drama series “The Pretender” with Bob in the lead role as the politically misguided Dennis Plant. This legendary role earned him a nomination for Best Actor at the New Zealand Film and TV Awards.

Bob has directed hundreds of episodes of television, from documentaries to comedies, adventure, animation, mocumentaries and studio programs.

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