David Hayden

Name: David Hayden (IRE) Region: Benelux Languages: English Shortlisted for BBC New Comedy Awards 2012 (UK) and Finalist for “Show me the funny 2011” (IE) David is new here but is loving the land of Chocolate and Beer, but mainly … Continue reading

Sarah Donnelly

Name: Sarah Donnelly (USA) Region: France Languages: English Sarah Donnelly is a stand-up comedian, improviser, and writer who is originally from Washington, D.C.  Sarah has performed improv and stand-up comedy at venues all over the U.S. and in Europe. Sarah … Continue reading

Paul Salamone

Name: Paul Salamone (USA) Region: Germany Languages: English Paul Salamone is a US-born comedian currently living in Berlin, Germany. As one of the main organizers of Berlin’s growing English-language stand-up scene, Paul co-hosts the weekly We Are Not Gemüsed open … Continue reading

Bob Maclaren

Name: Bob Maclaren (NZ) Region: Benelux Languages: English, Dutch Born in New Zealand and resident in Amsterdam, Bob Maclaren has delighted every corner of the world with his laconic and surprising comedy. A combination of kiwi isolation and the lurid … Continue reading

Nour Eddine

Name: Nour Edinne (IND/NL) Region: Other, Germany Languages: English, Arabic, Hungarian, French Nour is simply a unique character. Originally from Morocco, he is now based in Budapest and has performed live comedy with great success in four languages! He has … Continue reading

Soula Notos

Name: Soula Notos (GRE) Region: Benelux Languages: English, Dutch, Greek Born and raised in Holland in a Greek family. Crisis indeed! She knows it by heart. Growing up with shouting and gesturing relatives (small bodies, lots of movement), the only … Continue reading

Ben Richards

Name: Ben Richards (UK) Region: Scandinavia Languages: English, Swedish Ben Richards is an English Comedian who is now living in Stockholm. Winner of the 1st ever Haha Stockholm, Sweden’s biggest stand up comedy competition. Since moving to Sweden he is … Continue reading

Andy Valvur

Andy Valvur (USA) Region: Germany Languages: English, Estonian  BIO Andy Valvur began his comedy career at legendary San Francisco comedy clubs like the Holy City Zoo, Cobbs and The Other Cafe. Since then he has worked at the Comedy Store … Continue reading

Jeroen Pater

Jeroen Pater (NL) Region: Benelux Languages: English; Dutch Jeroen Pater lives in Utrecht, Holland and is a headliner with the Amsterdam Comedy Explosion and runs his own Comedy Club in Utrecht. He tours through Holland and Belgium with his show … Continue reading

Nigel Williams

Nigel Williams (UK/Belgium) Area: Benelux Languages: English, Dutch Nigel Williams has been performing stand-up comedy since 1998. British born but now residing in Antwerp ,Belgium Nigel performs in both Dutch and English. In Belgium his one man shows in the … Continue reading

Damian Clark

Damian Clark (Australia) Region: UK, Other Languages: English Aussie boy Damian Clark has had comedy goers in hysterics from the moment he hit the European comedy circuit in 2005. His award winning, high-octane observational comedy has garnered worldwide critical acclaim … Continue reading

Claus Reiss

Name: Claus Reiss (DK) Region: Scandinavia Languages English, Danish Claus Reiss is the only comedian in Europe who entertains with the bagpipe. Being a professionel bagpipe player he uses a lot of self-irony in his jokes and music pieces. Each … Continue reading

David Duff

Name: David Duff (IRE) Region: Scandinavia Language: English David Duff is from Cork, Ireland, and he has been plying his particular brand of comedy around the globe for over 10 years. His songs are sublimely crafted, packed with layers of … Continue reading

Dave Thompson

Name: Dave Thompson (UK) Region: UK, Other Language: English British comedian Dave Thompson has appeared in three feature films: ‘Maybe Baby’, written and directed by Ben Elton, ‘I Want Candy’, directed by Stephen Surgit, and ‘Huge’, directed by Ben Miller. … Continue reading

Isak Jansson

Name: Isak Jansson (SWE) Region: Scandinavia Languages: English, Swedish Isak Jansson is a standup comedian currently living in Stockholm, Sweden. Besides performing he works freelance as a tv-writer, workshop leader and producer. Though mostly performing in Swedish, he has also … Continue reading

Adam Fields

Name: Adam Fields (UK) Region: Belgium/Holland Languages: English, Dutch Adam Fields has been a professional stand-up since 1998. Born and raised in London and now based in Amsterdam, he is one of the top comedians in the Dutch circuit, with … Continue reading

Christian Schulte-Loh

Name: Christian Schulte-Loh Region: Germany and Other (Available to perform in South America too) Languages: German, English, Spanish Christian Schulte-Loh is an international stand-up act from Germany that has performed in clubs and at festivals in more than a dozen … Continue reading

Maureen Younger

Name: Maureen Younger (UK) Region: Other & Germany Languages: English, German Maureen works as a stand up comedian all around the UK and abroad including gigging in German in Germany! Maureen has performed in Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovak Republic, … Continue reading

Brian Jordan

Name: Brian Jordan (USA) Region: Scandinavia Languages: English Brian is currently, and for the near future, based in Malmö, which lies in southern Sweden. Although he lives in Sweden with his two children, he is from the United States of … Continue reading