Adam Fields


Name: Adam Fields (UK)
Region: Belgium/Holland
Languages: English, Dutch

Adam Fields has been a professional stand-up since 1998. Born and
raised in London and now based in Amsterdam, he is one of the top
comedians in the Dutch circuit, with several television appearances to
his name. Described as “one of the funniest comedians working in the
world today,” Adam has charmed audiences in numerous countries from
Norway to South Africa, and from Britain to Indonesia.

His style is a mix of sophisticated English and neurotic Jew, with a dash
of ‘Crazy Dutch’. And his instantly likeable stage presence allows him to
get away with murder. Well, almost.
He relishes the challenge of performing to a difficult crowd – the point at
which stand-up becomes more of a sport than an art form.
Adam’s main comedic influence is his mother, without whom he would
be too emotionally stable to be funny.
His hobbies include nordic stalking and collecting dust.

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