International Comedians runs comedy clubs and represents stand-up comedians based throughout Europe who can be booked for company events and parties, as well as other events like university orientation weeks, weddings, conferences and more. 

We also offer a Quiz & Games event which can be held indoors or outdoors, and even at your office – great for teambuilding as you compete in teams. 

We have dozens of comedians who speak clearly and are experienced in performing for internationally mixed audiences. Our main focus is performances in English yet our comedians can also perform in many other languages such as French, Dutch, German, Swedish, Danish & more! Contact us and tell us about your event – who will attend? – a certain budget you don’t want to exceed? – special request for a certain comedian or nationality? We can send 1 to 3 comedians to perform anywhere from 10 to 90 minutes to pretty much any location in Europe to suit your event, audience and budget best.

Company events: You are looking for something to entertain your international clients and/or employees at an upcoming company event, conference or party. Our past clients have included companies like Microsoft, Novo Nordisk, Cap Gemini, Airbus, Sony Ericsson, Axis Communications, Apsis, Aveva, NXP and many more!

Expat events: Your international group would like to enjoy some stand-up comedy at an upcoming event or mingle.

University events: You work with ESN, at a similar student organisation or at the International Office and want to treat your students and/or new exchange students to an event where students learn about your country, its culture and student life in general, and all through the humour of a comedy show so that all students – both foreign and local – can enjoy the show.

Quiz & Games event:- Book an Quiz & Games event with us! A perfect activity for as few as 8 people. We can hold the event at a conference, during a dinner, or why not at your office on a weekday after the workday is over? We arrange all materials and prizes to the winning and last place teams. Weather permitting, we can also hold the event outdoors. Choose a package 1-3 hours long and in teams you compete in games, challenges, brainteasers and more! E-mail us at quiz@internationalcomedians.com and we can tell you more.