Stewart Johnson


Stewart Johnson (USA)
Region: Baltics
Languages: English, Estonian, French

Stewart Johnson has a knack for picking out the obvious yet hidden quirks in society and turning them into laughs you will never forget. He is an American who is based in Estonia, and has a more mainstream, non-offensive style, frequently drawing upon his experiences as a father.

Stewart has had multiple appearances on Estonia’s National Public Broadcasting network, he has been written about in newspapers and magazines (one article even described him as “cerebral-zany”, which he considers a compliment), and he regularly performs all across the country, both in Estonian and English. Stewart is a founding member of Comedy Estonia, the nationally recognized stand-up comedy troupe. He and his comedy partner have a weekly radio show that is quickly becoming one of the most popular radio shows in the country.

Stewart performs on a regular monthly circuit of seven shows in Estonia and now Latvia, as well. He has also opened for international comedy superstars such as Dylan Moran on multiple occasions, and is booked to open for none other than Eddie Izzard in early 2013, both in Riga and Tallinn.

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