Sebastian Marx

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Name: Sebastian Marx (USA)
Region: Other, France
Languages: English, French

“The first time Sebastian performed comedy (outside of the classroom) was at Caroline’s Comedy Club in New York City at the age of 17. Stimulated by this experience, he continued to perform in several clubs in New York and Boston (where he went to study how delightful life can be when you don’t live at your parents’ place).
Fleeing comfort and reason, Sebastian decided to come to France a couple of years after graduating in order to find himself and great cheeses.
So, as you can imagine, Sebastian is a bit lost in Paris. Therefore, he has decided to share his expat experiences in his native tongue through a stand up comedy show called “A New Yorker in Paris”, which is so funny that even the French find it “not bad”.
Influenced by Woody Allen, Jerry Seinfeld and Louis CK,
Sebastian shares his humor that is:
As varied as the American landscape,
As improbable as a Hollywood movie,
As naïve as a cheerleader!!”

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