Greg Shapiro

Photo: Adrie MouthaanName: Greg Shapiro (USA)
Region: Benelux, Germany
Languages: English, Dutch

Greg Shapiro came to the Netherlands in 1994 to help establish comedy theater BOOM CHICAGO. Based in Amsterdam, Shapiro now tours as a standup comedian. His current solo show is ‘SUPERBURGER: the Man with Split Nationalities,’ sharing the embarrassing truth of being a loud American in Holland. His previous solo show is ‘HOW TO BE ORANGE: Making the Dutch Take Their Own Assimilation Exam.’ Both shows are for anyone with what Shapiro calls ‘MND: Multiple Nationality Disorder.’ Comedian / columnist Shapiro has been host of ‘COMEDY CENTRAL NEWS,’ as well as his own weekly vlogs in Benelux and the UK. He is a regular on VARA HUMORTV with his nature series ‘Planet Nederland.’ And Shapiro writes and presents the weekly series ‘Behind European Headlines’ for EXPATICA.COM. As a writer / comedian, Shapiro has 15 years experience in Corporate Speaking / Entertainment and 10 years of Team building / Speaker Training.

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