Dennis Vansant

Name: Dennis Vansant (BEL)
Region: Belgium/Holland
Languages: English, DutchDennis_Vansant

Born and raised in Belgium (Antwerp region), Dennis always felt that making people laugh was an itch that needed scratching. According to him, it took way too long before he had the nerve to take his first steps in the world of comedy by joining an improv group in late 2008. Roughly a year and a half later, in the summer of 2010, he took his first shot at doing stand-up. With a comedy style mostly based around the world’s perception of him as a 300-pound giant, he slowly but steadily developed his first set over a two-year period.

Two years later, he’s performed in roughly every venue for beginning and more experienced comedians in the Flanders region of Belgium, and has been working on an international repertoire. He’s performed in the Netherlands, Germany and Sweden. Since then, he also started performing in English and feels this is his natural performing language, as he often describes his Dutch set as “translated from the English in my head”. After winning the Commeere Comedy Cup 2012, a local contest in the stunning historical centre of Bruges, his career in his native country received a humble but effective kickstart. He’s currently working on new material about the year he spent in China as a part of his university major in Mandarin Chinese and is a big fan of vegetables. Fancy that.

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