David Deery


Name: David Deery (USA)
Region: Germany
Languages: English

David Deery is Low Fidelity funny. The “street artist” of stand up. The Cardboard King.The Burrito kid. Nerd master. Pimp of the ping pong palace. Class clown. The Dork from Ork.The most famous unknown comedian of all time and talented couch surfer extraordinaire.

I’m David Deery, so it’s hard for me to tell you how awesome I am, but take my word for it, I’m awesome.

If you don’t believe me, see what some of my two favorite musicians have said about me……

“David Dreary is the crack cocaine of comedy… All hail the rise of the new laugh assassin…. all hail…” – King Khan. Singer, King Khan and The Shrines.

“Like getting smothered by a dirty diaper.” – Jeff Clark. Singer, Demons Claws. Hellshovel.

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