David Hayden

Name: David Hayden (IRE) Region: Benelux Languages: English Shortlisted for BBC New Comedy Awards 2012 (UK) and Finalist for “Show me the funny 2011” (IE) David is new here but is loving the land of Chocolate and Beer, but mainly … Continue reading


Name: Hank (NL) Region: Benelux Languages: English, Dutch Based in Utrecht, the Netherlands, HANK is an award winning stand-up comic and MC and has been in comedy since 2003. He’s is not only member of the Amsterdam Comedy Explosion, but … Continue reading

Manu Moreau

Name: Manu Moreau (BEL) Region: Benelux Languages: English, Flemish  He looks younger, lighter and more dangerous than he is in real life. Although his reality is sometimes too weird for words, it’s weird enough he found the right play on … Continue reading

Bob Maclaren

Name: Bob Maclaren (NZ) Region: Benelux Languages: English, Dutch Born in New Zealand and resident in Amsterdam, Bob Maclaren has delighted every corner of the world with his laconic and surprising comedy. A combination of kiwi isolation and the lurid … Continue reading

Greg Shapiro

Name: Greg Shapiro (USA) Region: Benelux, Germany Languages: English, Dutch Greg Shapiro came to the Netherlands in 1994 to help establish comedy theater BOOM CHICAGO. Based in Amsterdam, Shapiro now tours as a standup comedian. His current solo show is … Continue reading

Soula Notos

Name: Soula Notos (GRE) Region: Benelux Languages: English, Dutch, Greek Born and raised in Holland in a Greek family. Crisis indeed! She knows it by heart. Growing up with shouting and gesturing relatives (small bodies, lots of movement), the only … Continue reading

Rayen Panday

Name: Rayen Panday (IND/NL) Region: Benelux Languages: English, Dutch Rayen Panday, born and raised in Holland is fresh off his one-man show. It had always been a secret wish to do comedy, when he did his first open mic in … Continue reading

Jeroen Pater

Jeroen Pater (NL) Region: Benelux Languages: English; Dutch Jeroen Pater lives in Utrecht, Holland and is a headliner with the Amsterdam Comedy Explosion and runs his own Comedy Club in Utrecht. He tours through Holland and Belgium with his show … Continue reading

Nigel Williams

Nigel Williams (UK/Belgium) Area: Benelux Languages: English, Dutch Nigel Williams has been performing stand-up comedy since 1998. British born but now residing in Antwerp ,Belgium Nigel performs in both Dutch and English. In Belgium his one man shows in the … Continue reading

Dennis Vansant

Name: Dennis Vansant (BEL) Region: Belgium/Holland Languages: English, Dutch Born and raised in Belgium (Antwerp region), Dennis always felt that making people laugh was an itch that needed scratching. According to him, it took way too long before he had … Continue reading

Adam Fields

Name: Adam Fields (UK) Region: Belgium/Holland Languages: English, Dutch Adam Fields has been a professional stand-up since 1998. Born and raised in London and now based in Amsterdam, he is one of the top comedians in the Dutch circuit, with … Continue reading

William Sutton

William Sutton (CAN/UK) Region: Benelux, Germany Languages: English, Dutch Born and raised near Manchester in the North of England. William aged 16, emigrated to Mississauga near Toronto, Canada. Moving back to Europe aged 21, he has lived in Amsterdam ever … Continue reading